React installation issues

No I did not re install Node. And I will now.

Update: Something happened where it didn’t install correctly. I don’t know why.

What happened? Would you mind expanding on that a bit?

Uninstall node completely first and then reinstall it.

Or try nvm-windows, make sure you uninstall Node first. Install it using nvm-setup.exe then run nvm use lts from the terminal.

I uninstalled and re installed Node completely. Now I’m going to try - v NPM etc

Update: Here is what happened. It looks like the un and re installs worked. Guess it was a bad install or something.

Sorry about the desktop shot lol. I like sunsets.

Looks like it is working.

If you do not have VS Code installed, install it now. You really need a proper editor for this.

After npm i has finished the project is ready to be served, which you do using npm run dev.

Now open the project in VS Code.

Navigate inside the websites folder and right-click the my-react-app folder inside it and select “Open in code”.

Or If you have used cd and you are already inside the new my-react-app project folder you can type code . to open the current folder in VS Code.

It is yes. Here is an updated capture:


Also, I wouldn’t bother w/ React if I didn’t know VS code and JS well lol. So we’re good there.

You can tell the app is running and where it is served.


You can Ctrl + click on the link in the terminal to open it up in your browser (or just open http://localhost:5173 in the browser).

Yes. Also, when I try to close Git bash while running, it warns me are you sure you want to because its running something lol. New to me, but just thought I’d put that out there.

Processes have a parent/child relationship. Processes can spawn other processes.


If you open notepad using git bash just by typing notepad it will open notepad (and ask you to create the file) if you then close git bash it will close notepad as well.

How an application is launched affects this as well. For example, if you force exit explorer.exe all the child processes launched using explorer will not close. But they do become orphan processes, that is you can’t see which process spawned them.

Side note: I’m using process explorer in the image.

No eventual growing up and moving out huh? lol. Constant “Peter Pan” syndrome.

I got lost somewhere executing these in order to start a small light dark theme screen toggle project lol. Oops.