React.js: challenge

Help me pls with this challenge:

I was able to do it without changing a thing. Of course I’m assuming they don’t consider using the keyboard a cheat.

What is it that you want help with? Do you not understand something in the code? This appears to be some sort of challenge you are doing? You don’t want us to ruin the fun and do it for you, do you?

Hi @alina.konokhova :wave: welcome to the freeCodeCamp community!

Are there constraints around the challenge? If so, what are they?

Are you allowed to modify the CSS? The JavaScript code? Use the console? Use the keyboard?

There are at least three ways I can think of without modifying the JavaScript code in the JS pane of the CodePen. One requires no code changes (@bbsmooth hinted at that already). One would require a small change to the CSS. And one would require using only the console. I won’t tell you exactly how to do it, but that should provide hints as to how you can go about doing it. Depending on the constraints of the challenge, some or all of those may not be allowed and we would need to know more to help you.

If you know Russian, here is vacancy that I applied for:

You can change any code you want.

I changed css => .grab-zone { width: 10px; height: 10px;}

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This is not for fun. It was small challenge set when applying for a vacancy.

So did we get the job :slight_smile:

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no. i am the begginer, nobody wants newbies