React js project random quote machine

html: <div id="app"</div>

import React from ''
import ReactDOM from ''
const QueryBox =({quote,handleNewQuote})=>{
      <div id="Quote-box">
      <p id="text">{quote.text}</p>
      <h2 id="author">{}</h2>
      <div class="actions">
        <button id="new-quote" class="button" onClick={handleNewQuote}>New Quote</button>
        <a href="" id="tweet-quote" target="_blank">Tweet</a>
const App =()=> {
  const [quote,newquote]=React.useState({text:"Hello World",author:"Gopi"})
  const handleNewQuote=()=>{
  return (
      <div class="main">
        <QueryBox quote={quote} handleNewQuote={handleNewQuote}/>
ReactDOM.render(<App />,document.querySelector("#app"));

iam getting lot of errors why

Post your Codepen (looks like Codepen imports)

  • You didn’t close the starting <div> tag correctly in the HTML you posted.

  • Make sure you set JS to use Babel in the Codepen JS settings.

Other than that, I don’t see any errors with your code. In fact, I don’t see anything at all as you are not returning the JSX in the QueryBox component.

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