React leaflet app with multiple filter and leaflet map

Hi guys. I am react beginner maybe junior. I must solve this task : Data preparation:

  1. Rendomly generate 500 broadcasting stations (cells) including GEO location (Lat and Long) neer the city center of Bratislava
  2. Randomly generate 2000000 castomers into Customer table having age between 1 and 100 and gender having value one of the ‘M’,‘F’,’?’
  3. Randomly generate 10000000 traffic rows into Traffic table with realtion to Customer (aNumber) generated in 2. step using cell generated in 1. step.

Create good looking web application (based on any technology) which is able to show filters (age, gender and date) within the filter panel on left side of the screen and map with filtering results on the right side (rest) of the screen.
Possible filter values have to be obtained from database as a distinct values of Customer attributes and distinc values of date part of the startDateTime from Traffic table.
Age filter must allow multiple selection and data have to be grouped into the following groups: 1-18, 19-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-65, 66-100

After changing the filter condition map must be able to show new data according to selected filter condition directly from database.
Selected data should be grouped by cell location and calculated count should be available on the map neer the POI icon.

My solution can be easier. I simulate database from JSON. But I have problem with multiple filter in react …my repository is here