React lifecycle method help wanted!

Anyone know how come my app works like this?

The first screenshot is from inspector. I was assuming logging should happen in the following order: test1>test2>test3>test4>no transaction1 but it actually happened in different order.

It is because when user login everything happens asyncronously from test1 ~ test4.

“no transaction1” console.log is included in one of my componentWillMount() lifecycle method so this should not happen even before I render the app.

Without seeing how app.js is connected with TransactionsSummary.js it’s hard to tell what’s happening.
At this moment it would just be a guessing game.

Hi @jenovs,

App.js renders jsx which includes <AppRouter />. TransactionsSummary.js is one of the child component of routes. Thus, I was thinking there is no way for TransactionsSummary.js can be mounted before render() happens.

It is part of transactionDashboardPage.

If it is not clear please take a look at git hub

I looked at you’re code an I honestly have no idea :unamused:

My only reasonable guess would be to try to run it without webpack-dev-server (maybe it’s some weird caching issue).