React Markdown Previewer - feedback please

Hi all,

I just finished the markdown previewer challenge. Let me know what you think!


Thanks in advance!

Just a few minor things.

  • The textarea really should have a label for accessibility’s sake. You can hide it on the page and still allow screen readers to see it using the visually-hidden class:
  • While your color contrasts are technically accessible I personally think they are still hard on the eyes. I’d tone down the brightness of the blue and green backgrounds.
  • When I remove all of the markdown text in the editor the preview window shrinks to almost nothing. Not sure if this was what you intended but it seems like if the editor window is going to have a min height then the preview window should as well.
  • I can expand the editor window underneath the preview window. Is this what you intended? And then if I do, I can’t resize it again because there does not appear to be a way to get the editor window above the preview window. If I expand the editor window all the way down to the right bottom and then release the mouse button, I cannot resize it again. Basically, you’ve got some issues with your editor resizing.

I made a couple of adjustments. I’m still working on the color scheme.
Let me know what you think.