React Native image as map

Hello, I’m trying to create app where some image (stored in for example app/img/map.png) is supposed to play role of some type of map, i don’t need tracking or path finding. I want this map/image to have nested components that are some type of icons. After clicking one of such icons page should open displaying some information. Now my question is how would one go and implement such thing. All i could find is “react-native-maps” ( but i don’t want to use google map, i want to use hand drawn map.
Now while trying to implement something like that with ImageBackground component i noticed another problem that on some phones too big map can cause problems => it shows only fraction of it.
So my question is:

  1. Do you know any package that can help me implement this feature ?

Sorry if its wrong place to ask such questions. But if possible provide me with information where to find help. Thank you :slight_smile: