React-Native real-world example to demonstrate code-sharing cross-platform nature?

I am very new to React-Native and love it so far. Really great technology and very impressive tooling. I would like to propose it for use in my company.

However … React-Native example demoing code sharing btw Android and IOS simply are nowhere to find???

All I have found so far is a great number of excellent but only IOS examples but none covering both Android and IOS.

I understand RN is cross platform in terms that you can write code for both Android and IOS, that is all clear and great?

But is it sharing the code or is it repeating it?

In other words, is it DRY?

Where is a non-hello-world (real life) example to clearly demonstrates and teaches how to do that?

Lots of articles out-there are titled to cover both platforms but then they only talk about IOS without even mentioning any other platform?

I am not looking for auto generated CRNA HelloWorld app but a real-world scenario with multiple views, navigation, list-view etc.