React-Native with google ads

Hello everyone ! I need to know … Is there any crash course of react-native on google ads ?? if anyone knows … kindly suggest :))
Thank you !

I’m not sure what you are asking?

Are you asking for a course on React Native that is advertising on Google Ads? Why would it specifically need to be there?

Are you asking for a course on how to use GA on RN? Assuming you are familiar with RN, there are packages for implementing GA - I’d look into those.

Maybe you could clarify your need.

I’ve gone through a-lot of documentation on GA but I still can’t find proper road map on GA in react-native … Did you know any crash course on this ??

Again, what are your RN skills?

I see packages on npm to do this? Which one’s have you tried? It looks like there are few videos on youtube. When you get to a certain level, there aren’t a lot of good “color by numbers” tutorials. Part of the job is “figuring it out.” I imagine setting up the google account and permissions is going to be tough. I’d look through their docs and read, reread, and rereread. Do a lot of googling and work your way through it. I just had to do something very similar today at work - crappy docs, but just had to research and figure it out.

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