React need help (im new)

I want my

information {body.test2}

to show up and say information about me. Why can’t i do it like i did it? And what do i have to do?

Hm i myself recently started with react so im not 100% on it… But i think you’re using properties the wrong way, you can only pass “props” for properties, which is object from which you grab all your data.
Like this:

const MediaCard = (props) => (
    <h2> Hello {props.test1} </h2>
    <p> information {props.test2} </p>

  <MediaCard test1="me" test2="about me" />,

You pass just props object instead of title and body and acces data from it as you would from title and body.

Ye i know about that thought i could do it this way too. Thanks