React(plus git and Github) problem

I am still very new to React, git and Github. I got notification of some official updates from Github. I already used bash command line to pull the branches to my local machine. But I have no idea how I can test if the updates work with my current work without problems before merging?

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That is essentially why git exists in the first place. If the changes are on your local machine, you can update the dependencies and revert if the updates are breaking stuff.

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when you open the Pull Request,
you can find some instructions at the bottom of the page after clicking the link next to the green Merge button:

ok, I see but if I do this, it will update depo as well? Since I am trying to see if I can apply the updates on my machine, test on them before updating my depo.

It is because I had some bad experiences with github and I have heard that it is is usually better to create a new commit correcting the mistakes instead of going back to previous commit.

Basically if you don’t have automated tests bthen you’ll simply have to go through and manually test everything yourself.

Make sure you run yarn or npm install first after you’ve pulled the branch down.

If all is good you can just merge the PR!

I think I found my answers already. Thanks everyone!

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