React Pomodoro clock - Help with tests Pls!

Hi all,
I would greatly appreciate any help with passing the “timer tests” for the below project.

I’ve created a pomodoro clock using react and the functionally “seems” ok to me.

Pomodoro Clock

But i’ve got more than a little tunnel vision after working on this over the course of a few days.

If you could give me a nudge or two in the right direction i’d greatly appreciate it.
The problems are with tests 8 through 15.

cheers a slightly frustrated

Test 1 also fails when I’m checking.

Have you checked the error messages for the failed tests?

For example:

You can see these errors when you click on any of the tests.

The timer is running ok and the errors seem to refer to the way it’s displaying. When I use any of the timer’s controls, it also feels like there is a 500-1000ms delay before the clock starts running. I’d try rendering the dom more frequently than 1000ms and separately from the timer.

cheers for the response i’ll have a look into rendering the dom more frequently

I’ve tried looking/googling into rendering the dom more frequently but to be quite frank i’m not sure what i’m looking for . Should i be trying to use the lifecycle methods to achieve this. Any help greatly appreciated.

did you manage to solve this?