React Project not passing test
it doesnt do #1-#3 and #6 #7

What’s the link to an empty test suite? I need it for my own tribute page.

its in the curriculum

where the only thing i can find is; after user story. but when i open that i just see a bunch of text

link it to the code pen

can someone give me ideas why mine isnt working?

which of the react project ?could you give a link to the lesson/project requirments it be easier for people to help you that way.

var _react = _interopRequireDefault(require(“react”));
require is not defined
on the console

Front End Libraries Projects - Build a Random Quote Machine

Did you also noticed that it gave the next error onto
colum: 65
line: 44
and a source url?

  • User Story #1: I can see a wrapper element with a corresponding id="quote-box" .

  • User Story #3: Within #quote-box , I can see an element with a corresponding id="author" .

  • User Story #6: On first load, my quote machine displays a random quote in the element with id="text" .

  • User Story #7: On first load, my quote machine displays the random quote’s author in the element with id="author" .

that are the ones you pointed out did you check if they where in the code?