React Redux 25 & 5 timer

Hello community :slight_smile:

So I built the 25 & 5 timer a while back in plain old javascript, no problems.
Now I’m building it again with React and Redux to learn how it all works.
It’s been an uphill battle from the start but I think I’m beginning to get the idea thanks to the help of freeCodeCamp and it’s excellent community.

So far I’ve managed to set up the working environment, created a redux store and connected it with relevant React components.
I’ve hit another bump in the road however, I can’t figure out what’s happening within my functional component, StartStop.
I’ve written a basic recursive countdown function which should dispatch an action every second decrementing the seconds state by 1. When seconds reach 0, another dispatch should decrement minutes by 1, then another dispatch resets seconds to 60 and then the function calls itself. This should continue until minutes reach -1.
The logic for the function is fine I’m sure (tell me if I’m wrong!) but I think my component and the store are not communicating properly?!
The countdown begins, but the if statement never catches seconds when they reach 0. The countdown continues into minus numbers.
If I console log the props, I can see that although the countdown timer is running and counting down the seconds…the seconds prop is never updated within the component.

Can somebody tell me what’s happening here?! I don’t understand :joy:

Thank you!