React-Redux Drum Machine, Feedback please :smile:

Greetings, everybody!
I’ve finished building a React-Redux drum machine, and i would like to get a feedback, i would really appreciate it if you go through React and Redux files located in the “Raw files” folder. any feedback will be appreciated, but i am more concerned about React and Redux and would like to get a feedback about them.

link to the page

link to the repository

Hi @bedward!

Your project looks good to me but since you’re asking for feedback I’d really appreciate if there was testing suite so I don’t have to click through everything and test it manually :smiley:

If you want to have a look at the original files, look them up in the “Raw files” folder

I think it’d be more clear having just two branches, for example development and production.

Also, I’d think about changing folder structure or at least naming folders differently, because at the moment it’s very easy to get confused here:

import { Presentational } from "./React";
import {store, mapS2P, mapD2P} from "./Redux";
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Adding on top of @sitek94’s comment:

git is for source code, not for build code.
The code in static is your build, so you shouldn’t check it in git.
Github Pages creates the data automatically.

Regarding React.js and Redux.js: Why do you use this approach?
Why do other people (probably) don’t use this approach?

I am still a newbie, I don’t know too much about how Github and Git work.

does that mean that i only need to put source code there and somehow Github Pages will render the page?
can you explain more please :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you talk about the name or about seperating React from Redux?

When you work with React, it’s good advice to use NPM.

For Github Pages, there is a package that can do all this stuff automatically for you, you would just have to run one command.

You can read more about it in this tutorial. There are also a lot of comments.

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Some things I noticed that maybe should be revisited;

  • The only thing accessible via the keyboard is the volume control
  • Using a mouse I cannot;
    1. toggle “power”
    2. toggle “bank”
  • it’s not responsive
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Thanks for your comment,

Can you please explain more about that? do you mean when the “Power” is off you can’t toggle the “bank”, if yes, that is how it is supposed to work, else if you meant that they both don’t toggle even when the “Power” is on, well i don’t know, they toggle for me…

I meant that I wasn’t able to toggle either one of them. They’re both working when I just tried it so not sure what the glitch was.