React Redux Selector with timestamp



This is a table where I have two inputs to filter by, one for the start date and the other is  for the end date, I am using redux and sending back those values as payloaders to filter by them when I get back the state with selector I created using timestamp.
//This is the selector the problem is that it is not precise  for example the picture above if I click filter button will not return anything I don't know why it seems that the function algorithm is correct ,what is the problem here ? 
function filterByDateSelector(state, startDate, endDate) {
  let startTimestamp = new Date(startDate).getTime();
  let endTimestamp = new Date(endDate).getTime();

  return state.filter((item) => {
    if (
      new Date( >= startTimestamp &&
      new Date( <= endTimestamp
    ) {
      return item;
export default filterByDateSelector;

Aany help is apperciated ,thanks.

I am usign the selector function in the mapStateToProps