React - Render a Class Component to the DOM

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When I am running test it returns nothing and the side crashes and I literrally can not click anything. After a moment it returns a massage Out of memory
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class TypesOfFood extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
  render() {
    return (
        <h1>Types of Food:</h1>
        {/* Change code below this line */}
  <Fruits />;
  <Vegetables />;
  ReactDOM.render(<TypesOfFood />, document.getElementById('challenge-node'));
        {/* Change code above this line */}

// Change code below this line

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Challenge: React - Render a Class Component to the DOM

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You’ve created an infinite recursive loop by having the ReactDOM.render line within the component being rendered, so it’s trying to render itself infinitely.

How can I delete the topic when I found the solution myself. And should I or Shouldn t I?

It’s too late, BWAHAHAHAHAHA you could click the “…” menu and the Flag icon and flag the topic asking for a mod to delete it.

It might be worth keeping in case the “out of memory” problem happens to someone else and they could search the forum and find this

I see high possibility of that it happens. :slight_smile:

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