React - Render HTML Elements to the DOM

const JSX = (
div id=‘challenge-node’>
h1>Hello World
p>Lets render this to the DOM

/* Removed the “<” so that the pre-written code is visible too*/

// Add your code below this line
ReactDom.render(JSX, document.getElementById(“challenge-node”)
//the code i wrote :point_up_2:

so i am learning react and i think i did what the question asked me to but it keeps throwing an error why? i checked some possible solutions to it but mostly i found was syntax solutions and it needs to be string but how? i even tried doing it with “#” too but it did not work i am stuck help would be appreciated*/

your render method is missing a closing )

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Thank You for the backticks advise i got it,

also i tried the closing )

ReactDom.render(JSX, document.getElementById("challenge-node"))

but well its still showing the same error:

Code Output:

The provided JSX element should render to the DOM node with id challenge-node.
// tests completed
// console output
Uncaught ReferenceError: ReactDom is not defined
[TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'innerHTML')]```

Thank you for the help i appreciate it.
Figured the problem out.

but i would like to ask do i have to close the forum manually or will it close itself?