React Router paths

Hello there.

I was following a tutorial and found myself stuck because I saw the following piece code:

if (!user) {
          return (
                pathname: 'signin',
                state: { from: location },

This one is React Router v5. Mine is v6 (I use Navigate instead).

I don´t understand how is possible that this piece works:

pathname: 'signin'

I cannot make this work without without slash ("/signin"), variables (with slash) or passing props… And I am wondering how can someone make this work.
I was checking the documents for React Router and all examples contain slashes, but then I´ve seen more code online where they don´t use it.

Does anyone know why?

If I remember correctly then pathname without slash will be added to the current path, but pathname with a slash to the root.
But I may be completely wrong, haven’t used ReactRouter for a while.

That’s right, but someonehow in the tutorial the guy made it work, without slashes and was not being added in the current path, which was driving me crazy…

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