REACT Sass Challenges

I saw that the FCC examples of React/Sass projects use only Sass indented syntax. Can I use SCSS syntax?

Very probably so. At least, I hope so, because I use SCSS myself. I would assume that the only thing that matters for your projects is that you demonstrate some understanding of Sass’s higher level functionality, like variables, mixins, and nesting.

I have completed all the challanges. And it took me more effort to figure out - how to apply sass for my project? Because the apps were simple, design plain, and I used Sass only because it was required.
And Sass indented it’s terribly easy. It took me 1 hour to rewrite all my SCSS into Sass

You can save yourself the hour next time by using sass-convert!

Thanks I am already playing with that!)

I believe I’ve read somewhere that any of the CSS pre-processors are acceptable.