React Sound Machine project feedback

Hi All,

Here is my completed drum machine project. I added a sound bank selector and 5 different sound banks. It took a little longer than I thought it would to complete it, but I had a lot of fun and learned a ton. My daughters also had fun helping me test it :slight_smile:

I’d really appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how I could make it better.


GitHub repository -
Live app -

Why not try and make it work with your webcame so you can drum in the air take it to the next level? I found a cool tutorial onto how to make an air gitair onto youtube today.

As for your project why is a cricket a j? shouldt it be a c?
Looks cool further thou :3 keep it up

Haha, yeah I like the air drum idea. Maybe after I finish the other front-end libraries projects I’ll tackle that :smile:

I honestly didn’t put much thought into which letters the sounds were mapped to beyond the drum set bank. I’ll probably come back to it and fix that up and add more sound banks once my kids get bored with these ones :grinning:

Thanks a lot for your feedback!