React symlink help

please how do you add a symlink to module from node_modules?

What exactly do you want to achieve?

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Hi. I was trying to import glide from node_modules in react but it keeps telling me modules can’t be resolved but when I tried a a different way, it keeps telling me I need to add a symlink

You need to explain how you’ve set up everything. There are specific situations where dependencies you install get symlinked rather than just being a bundle of files you install directly in node_modules which are referenced directly.

Things should normally Just Work if you install something in a project, if it’s telling you that something relating to symlinks needs to happen then that suggests you are doing something unusual, but without having any idea what that unusual thing is it’s not going to be possible to help.

Need to know what package manager you’re using, how you’ve set up the project, what your package.json looks like etc. A GitHub project would be useful.

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