React - tank water parameters tracking web app review

Hi all,
For some time I was working on my idea for a app that helps aquarium owners track their water parameters. This is quite simple app that allows users to register, create tanks and add water test results. It is still quite bare-bones and I want to add more to it but it is simple CRUD concept.
However I am using tech stack that is quite new to me (react with hooks and emotion for styling). So I would like to do a refactor on this step and correct any anti-patterns I may have introduced/bad code.

I would be grateful for any tips and suggestions on any:

  • anti patterns
  • places I wite bad code
  • suggestions on what I could do better

All suggestions are welcome including the look/functionality/code

live preview:

react code:

Guest account for testing:
password: Guest1!

Thank you in advance for any input
Kind regards

Hello @DawidGaleziewski Your web app is amazing but there are some points you can work on

  1. I think if the login and registration was kept in a tab layout it would have been better.

  2. Its better to keep the options my tank, my profile and logout hidden if the user isn’t logged in or haven’t registered yet.

Happy coding! :grin:

Edit: I just registered and found out that the profile section isn’t displaying any data. Please have a look at it🙂

Great suggestions I will do this for sure. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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some times for feedback like this, it’s nice to have a “test user” login, so that someone doesn’t have to register just to test it out for you. :slight_smile:

Also, I have 3 saltwater tanks, this would be a useful app for me

Ups forgot about it. Thanks for noticing. Edited the original post with guest account:
password: Guest1!

Aye, tbh I wanted do this for myself for some time for tracking my axolotl aquariums. I wanted to have something to help me troubleshoot when something bad is happening and track what change could cause it (i.e feeding/temp new plants). Still a long way to go but I intend this to be a long lasting project with ability to share the params with other users/water changes graphs etc. :slight_smile:

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it’s a great project, I had thought about making a project with this exact thing too! Honestly though, for me just doing regular water changes is the best thing I can do for my tanks right now.

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