REACT Tutorial (?)

Anyone interested in helping me create a REACT app that will take user data from a form and create a card like the cards on this page: ?

Or point me to a REACT tutorial that does something similar :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you just learn React, rather than hope to find a tutorial to do exactly what you want?

I am learning REACT. Did not ask for TT that does exactly what I want.

Could you be more helpful instead of critical?

With 80,000 tutorials I thought I might reach someone that has seen one that is in the realm of doing what I described. Kinda sorry now that I reached out here…

Maybe I could learn some rocket science, trigonometry etc to avoid critics here in this forum :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I thought socratically helping you find the right path would be helpful. In decades of expeience teaching, I’ve seen a lot of people go down bad paths by focussing on one goal insead of learning of general concepts.

But OK, good luck on your coding journey. I’ll try to avoid your questions in the future so I don’t oppress you with my unhelpful criticism.

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