React Vs Code Mac sed: illegal option -- r error

Mac OS High Sierra VsCode react started all of a sudden to give the “illegal option --r” error. My localhost3000 is showing nothing but a blank page. Any suggestions please?

Did you see this discussion?

Yes I also tried the Brew and Conda commands but they do not seem to work.

But what is strange is that everything was perfectly working without any issues. This error appeared all of a sudden…

As far as I figured from stackoverflow, it became a thing after last VS code update

You can go to the vscode repo here, there is an open issue for that right now, maybe there is more info:

Does it only happen with Bash? Didn’t they replace Bash with zsh as the default terminal at one point?

It looks like there was a PR to fix it but until it is in maybe try zsh instead.

Thank you admit8490 I already saw that page too but did not pay attention to its date. Apparently it is a very recent problem :slight_smile: Well I do not really understand what is discussed or suggested there but hopefully I could find a solution or worse case I ll have to wait till vsCode resolves it. Thank you again :slight_smile:

I wish I could suggest something, but I am not using mac OS

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you are right zsh works ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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