ReactJS Controling Style using useState

I coding an app which you get a question with 4 multiple choices , one of them is correct and the other three are false , if the user click on the correct answer the background of that element turns green , otherwise it turns red , i was figuring out a away how to do it useing a 2 useState hook , one if case the answer is correct the other of the answer is wrong , i also used useRef to extract the value from the elemnt and compare it to the correct answer in the ChoosenOption function , how i can switch between different background colors using the useState i mentioned above , or anybetter ways to do this it will be much appreciated.

const [answer, setAnswer] = useState(false);
  const [wrong, setWrong] = useState(false);
  const PargraphValueRef = useRef();
const ChoosenOption = () => {
    const CorrectAnswer = QuestionsList[QuestionNumber].correct;
    if (PargraphValueRef === CorrectAnswer) {
    } else if (PargraphValueRef !== CorrectAnswer) {
          className='' ???''

There is nothing magical about “className”. It is just a component prop that takes a string.

You can just do something like:

className={ wrong ? 'wrongClass' : 'rightClass' }

or whatever you want to name them.

If you have to do a more complicated class string, you can do more complicated math, like:

const questionClass = ??? // some formula or helper function that returns the string you want

and then just

          className={ questionClass }

It’s just a string - do what you want with it.

Does that makes sense?

Thank you , as you see from my code i already created a function called (ChoosenOption) , i have already passed to the ClassName attribute but seems like it doesnt work , so i was in doubt if its correct to do it this way?

I can’t see where you’ve tried what I’ve suggested. This is a standard technique that I have used countless times so I’m reasonably sure it works.

Here as a pen where you can mess around with it yourself.

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Im sorry i think this is quite different , i want to manipulate the class based on two different useStates , not one ,

There isn’t much difference. I’ve updated the pen for the className to be based on two states.

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