ReactJS desktop App

I have both my front-end and back-end working. But they are in two separate repos. I have used ReactJS for the front-end and Python and Postgres as backend. So how should I merge those into a single repo and build it?

Are you talking about a distributable desktop app? Because there are a few issues with that:

  • React itself isn’t designed for desktop applications. There are various solutions that use React with Electron, or use React Native (Microsoft’s own React Native Windows, or React Native Desktop)
  • Postgres uses a client-server model, so is designed to be seperate from a client app – you wouldn’t normally package it into an application.
  • Python has multiple packages used for building standalone desktop apps, but they don’t work like a web application.

If you’re just talking about keeping them in the same place, literally just put the front and back end code in the same place and then you set it up by installing Postgres then starting the application – at the end of the day it’s just a web app, the React code is just the JS pulled onto the HTML index page.