ReactJs - function calling a function

const hello = (name) => () => {
  console.log(`Hello ${name}`)
<button onClick={hello()}>Click Me</button>

I’m wondering why the hello function needs to return a function?
What is the problem with:

const hello = (name) => {
  console.log(`Hello ${name}`)

It needs to, because onClick expects a function as input.

Meaning, onClick calls whatever you pass to it:

const myCallback = () => {};

<button onClick={myCallback}></button>

// Internally, `onClick` takes the argument, and calls it:

What is the problem with:

Nothing. This is what you should probably use. But, instead of passing the value hello() returns, you should pass the value of hello to onClick.

Hope this clarifies

EDIT: Here is what React does under the hood: react/SchedulingEventsView.js at e40893d097f6894b4768d749f796302c57161734 · facebook/react · GitHub

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yes, this makes sense… we want onClick to run the function. Thank you!