Reactjs if else statement on classes

im creating a chat box
and based on the database info the chat has to either appear on the left side or the right side, this needs to be done in CSS
so i have made a 2 classes “ChatmessagesOther” and “ChatmessagesMe”
they both have multiple different styles

my code:

  messages = (
        <div id="ChatArea">
                <div className='ChatmessagesOther'>  
                    <p>Date: {}</p>   

based on the bool “chatmessage.helper” it has to choose wich class needs to be used

I know i can change the a single style like this:

 <p style={{ display: chatmessage.helper? 'block' : 'none' }} >Hello</p>

but how do i change an entire class since i can not use a simple normal"if else" statement

Exactly the same way,

<Component property={ condition ? "string1" : "string2 } />

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