ReactJS Recipe Box, Feedback Appreciated

Well, I agree with the ‘not-bother-with-fancy-stuff’ style while learning but this seems a bit extreme xD
Considered it is a project for a front-end framework I will give it at least a minimal interface to let user interact with your app in a more intuitive way^^

Besides that, about functionalities:

  • try to implement a way to see what ingredients a recipe is composed of ( I’m not sure if it is one of the user stories but you can’t check the update functionality otherwise).
  • get rid of that alert

All the other things works correctly for me :slight_smile:

You can see the ingredients by clicking on a recipe, sorry for not clarifying. And sorry for the alerts, I usually take those out before submitting.

Uhm, actually to click isn’t working for me ^^
I’m using mozilla now, if it works for you maybe is just a browser problem…dunno :confused:

Uhh, that is odd. It’s been working in both Chrome and Safari for me.

Just tried on Opera and it works!

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