READ ME! I will remove your stress!

Hello There! Lagdave again! Are you stressed out from a tirig coding day? Well, visit the link below…

I made this just for practice with the things ive learned today, nothing so special, except if you read the articles created by me 100%! Feedbacks are also Accepted LOL


Lagdave, nice site! I loved your tribute page, Wafi seems like a great guy! :slight_smile:
Quick feedback: seems you forgot to assign links to the navbar on the tribute page.

Keep up the great work!

@johnmutina Nope, i didnt forgot to assign links! they were just place holders… the time i buil that i still dont know how to link elements using id! Anyways, thanks for the feedback

So fun :)…

This makes me confused and hungry, not necessarily in that order.

True that! I became really hungry when i was writing it, especially in the Jscript Fullstack Burgs and the MicroCrust Pizza LoL

Im glad you found it fun as well!