Reading a pdf format book on the kindle

Hi all, I have a book (programming related) in pdf format on my kindle and think it would be a very good book to read. The problem is that I like to add highlights and so that can’t be done in pdf format.

I tried converting the book to mobi , but then the format becomes too garbled in some areas which becomes too frustrating to deal with.

So how to solve this . Would converting to another format work while keeping the pdf layout?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, you may get more answers from a Kindle forum or Amazon customer support. You paid for the device, Amazon should be able to answer questions about it.

I understand that there are some third party applications that do better jobs converting PDFs than others, but the result will always be somewhat flawed.

I just remembered that there is an e-book manager called Calibre. It’s free and has a range of tools.
[EDIT] It looks like it is possible to convert from PDF to an extensive range of formats, including Kindle.

I’ll try Calibre, thanks :slight_smile:

@torentrap, did Calibre work?