Reading Design Comps

Hi I’m working a project for a class somewhere else on the web. And I am struggling with measuring a photoshop mobile first design comp. How do I measure for my padding an margin. I currently am using the ruler tool and and measuring from the highest/farthest point on an element. And my results don’t match the solution.
What I am trying to say is. How do I measure padding and margins on a design comp?

The ruler would be the sensible way to do it, it sounds like you’re doing it correctly. Also see if there are [layers with] guides that are turned off that you might be missing and measure those. Also you may be able to see if the objects in the PS file have styles applied that have padding (ie if it’s text, has the text object had padding applied).

Caveat that it’s been a looooong time since I’ve had to use PS for anything other than image editing, so I don’t know how close the tools have got to actual design programs, there might be a better way that someone who uses it now would be able to tell you

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Thanks. Because I’m studying to be a front end developer. And majority of our projects come from design comps in PS. I’ll keep at with ruler. Thanks for the tip about the font.