Reading Habits Survey Form

Hi, I would appreciate any feedback to improve my survey form project.

Great job here…

  • What you can do is try to put your code in the W3C Validator. You can ignore the first 2 issues because you are in codepen, but there are a couple of issues you need to address.
  • On the yes or no radio, you can make the text to the right side of the radio so it is easier to press.

Thats it. You did a great job here!!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ve fixed the issues you mentioned.

if this is the project you have submitted to freecodecamp, you need to keep the test script inside your project.

codepen expects only what’s inside the body tag to go in the HTML box, you shouldn’t use the body tags (you also have only the opening one but not the closing one)

Thanks for reminding me! Never noticed the text script before. Got rid of the body tag as well.