Real Doozie On My Hands... Portfolio Page help

Hey guys, I’ve got a real doozie on my hands.
My portfolio page is pretty much done… except it only looks good on my monitor.
I need some helping figuring out how to
1.) Make my background images display the same thing on all resolutions.
2.) Make sure the text stays where it needs to in reference to those background images when it’s viewed with a smaller (Or larger) screen.
Here is what I have if you want to take a look. I’ll be really greatful for any help I can receive here.

The images are quite large, but I want them to be cropped so that they’re displayed they way that are on my screen. You see, the figures are all in the center of the image, but I aligned the background on my website so that they would be to the left or right of a page. Obviously if you have a large moniter then the figure will still be in the middle. If you’re on mobile or a smaller device you won’t see the figure at all.

The imgur link is what I want it to look like, as that’s how it is on my screen.