Real life project deadlines?

So i feel like i’m procrastinating way too much when it comes to projects and its annoying me. I want to challenge myself and set a goal.

What is real life deadlines you have to go by when making the equivalent to a FCC project or a massive program?

What is your project goals? Give yourself a week? 3 days?

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I think setting artificial deadlines isn’t going to help you learn. Rather, make a list of things that need to be done to complete the project, and practice setting time spans for each task and see if you can stick to that. For eg. if the project has 3 simple steps. You can say each step will take an hour for eg. and then try to stick to that. It will teach you about how to estimate your time and keep you from procrastinating. If the project is more complicated, learn how to break it down into simple tasks that can be given time spans.
Learning how to split a large task into smaller tasks and learning how to estimate your time for these tasks will be more useful then setting an arbitrary deadline… (you can set a good/useful deadline once you learn the still of estimating time…)

  1. I think you can use arbitrary deadlines if you sort of make them “unarbitrary”. If you set up a reward or punishment (get to know yourself and what works for you.) you’ll instantly get a kick in the butt from the increase of meaning, if you truly want to get reward or avoid punishment, that is to say.
  2. Honestly estimate how many hours it will take to complete the project.
  3. Multiply the hour amount by 0.8 (80%).
  4. Estimate time/day you have for the coming days/weeks to spend on the project ((24h)-(how much time is not possible to spend coding, i.e. work, eating, sleep, training, relationships (maintenance) etc.)=Time per day available to code).

Say it takes approx 10h coding to complete the project, Think out a reward/punishment that increases meaning. Then multiply 10h by .8 (=8h). Say you have 4h of possible coding/day. Give yourself two days or reward is out the window alternatively punishment is activated.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, Michael.
I can understand your situtation.

I have some videos that help you out.
How to be productive.
4 Minutes to massive productivity
Hidden benefits of Procastination.
How to be ambitious and still have Inner Peace.

If I’m in your position I’d take a day off and cut down myself from the Internet and all kinds of social media and have introspection. That’d put me back on track and get me work done.

It’d be not good if you create deadlines of 3 days or a week. Cause it’d make you fatigue and your project a seems major burden.

If it’s inappropriate to share videos like these let me. Cause I’m new here.

Hope it helps you.

Great day. :slight_smile::sunny:


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So after i read all of your answers i told myself wouldn’t respond until i finished the FCC landing page project.

After 4 - 5 days of 1 - 2 hours per day i finished 90% of it and i felt as if it was a good start.

Then school came along.

I started high school this year, and it left little time or energy to work on the project. I had to fix my sleeping schedule to wake up at 5:30 every morning and go to bed at 9:30 instead of 12 (pm) which for the first couple days left me very tired after school.

On top of that i have a ton of homework, and most of that is summer work my school failed to notify half of the incoming freshman about. I am close to getting caught up though which will open my time up a lot in a week or two.

So just last Thursday i finished up that 10%, and yesterday i finalized everything.

This is the project. -->
This is the project review page -->FCC Product landing page - teleporters

I didn’t do the project based on the user stories at all, which is why it doesn’t pass really any of them. I did research on actual product landing pages and created it based on those.

I was bad at html before this, so i feel like this is good.

Thank you all for the help. I feel be better know about my work schedule.

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First of all congratulations for the amazing start. I’m totally blown away by the project. I’m speechless. I can see you work really hard on your project.

I guess things are going to be interesting for you.

Coming to user stories. I just want to remind you something I learned.
User stories are like boundaries. Think you’re working for a client. He has some requirements for his website and he thinks you’re the right man.

Since you’re honing your skills here at the camp, communication and understanding your clients requirements are really important. You’re being trained to stick to your clients requirements. When you hit the real world, you don’t get puzzled that much. Once you get good at understanding your clients requirements, then you talk him about better improvements/tweaks for his website.

I hope you understand my point here.

I do have a suggestion for you. Make website in your own way on your laptop/computer/whatever you use. Then insert user stories in there. Sometimes, you need to remove certain elements. It’s not bad after all. It happens. I do it, all the time.

Remember, no matter how much you know something, when you work for your client/boss you got to listen to him. Listen to his requirements, stories, yada, yada. Then you can apply all of you knowledge. Here at FreeCodeCamp you can do that. And no body fires you. It’s a good thing.

A marvelous day, night, afternoon whenever you read.

I was in awe [not making hyperbole] when I saw your project.
A little mistake, I couldn’t see navbar in mobile view. I’m really happy for you.
If I could I reach out this screen and give you a big hug. Keep the good work. I hope you share your experience on Medium.

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