Real Portfolio Page

Here is the link to my Project

I wanted some help to make my portfolio page better.
Can you guys share some ideas and suggestion to make this page better?

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It looks pretty good to me. What I noticed:

  1. get rid of the Latin and write something there
  2. make the buttons go somewhere. The project one at least should go down to an anchor link a bit
  3. I think it would be nicer if your transitions had a duration to them.

Well, I think I misunderstood what you said. I think the links work perfectly.

There’s an issue with the #portfolio one where you can click it and nothing happens. It’s because at that point, the #portfolio is already in the address bar in the browser, but there is nowhere to go. That’s a minor detail, but it still gives the appearance of being broken.

Thanks, I’ll change that.

You can check it out this site. I have made some changes.

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You already did a good job, it’s beautiful and simple(I really like the colors). but there is some things you have to do make this portfolio better, here is some suggestions :

  • Change the tittle (“React App”) to your name.
  • It will look more better if you keep the buttons and the “bar” (the thing on the right side, i forgot the name) all in the green color.
  • Center the “portfolio” Header.
  • instead of putting white lines at the end of a section, change the background color of the next section to be little bit different.
  • The pictures of your projects don’t look that interesting, so you have to craft something that will make us jump to see your projects. canva website can help you with that.

And if you want to level up your Html&CSS skills i recommend :

  • Where Do You Learn HTML & CSS in 2020? (this is an article in css-tricks)
  • A developer’s guide to web design for non-designers (this is an article in freecodecamp)

Have a nice day.

Thanks, I will try to incorporate all those points on my website.

I have made some modifications in my website. Please check it out and share your opinion.