Real question: The endgame

If you are not from a CS (or software development, software engineering, etc.)background, how do you plan to compete for a job with thousands of competent CS grads each year?

You need to learn lots of things, build a portfolio so people can actually see your work, gain some connection in web development world and then go through many interviews before you “hit the jackpot” The path is very hard depending where you life and without a certifcate it can be even harder.

If a company only looks at the degree - it’s not worth working there in the first place. That’s my take as a tech recruiter.

If a company ALSO looks at the degree - it’s worth having a better portfolio. :wink:

There are many software developers out there without Computer Science degrees and they work at great companies with impactful products. Your skills are more important than certification (be it academic or any other one).

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