Real World Examples?

Hello everyone, is there a chance to get real world examples of the curriculum as you go?

Currently I am going through the Regular Expression part of the JavaScript curriculum, and as I am going through it i keep thinking when I would use this? (I feel like a kid in math class wondering the same lol). I feel like it would help a lot to see an example of it being used. Maybe there could be another button along with the ask for help, get a hint, run test, and reset code.

Just a thought I had. Sorry if this has been discussed before, and if all of the awesome higher up have talked about this already, awesome!

As you are working through some of the regular expression challenges, there are some “semi” real-life examples (i.e restrict possible usernames). Regular expressions are something you will use when the need presents itself. Anytime you need to search through a string to either if something exists or extract something specific from part of a string if there is another string “around” it or if you need to replace a string with another string based on some kind of pattern, that is when you might use a regular expression.

We use regular expressions for most of the challenge tests you see in the curriculum. For many of the challenges, we validate the user has certain code written. The problem with having real world examples in a challenge is that most real world examples are complex and would take longer to solve than we want users to spend on each challenge. A few of the challenges we have for regular expression seem to be too difficult for many and we have had to water them down so users don’t lose interest.

It hasnt been just Regular Expressions that have made me think about this feature. And I meant a button that would show an example, nothing the learner would have to solve.