Really liking the course, but how should I practice what I've learned?

I’ve done the first 50 lessons today, feels good. But, after learning a few concepts I feel like I should be trying to use it in some different ways in order to hammer in the information and see how I can use it in interesting ways. The course feels like it’s made to just show a an existing programmer the different syntax rules without actually teaching them coding and how to apply it.

Do I have to wait until the projects before applying these concepts? I know I can and should just play around with the stuff I learned on my own, but it would be nice to be tested with smaller projects along the way based on what you’ve learned already.

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Great Question, I originally had the same thoughts, however, I went through the entire course before starting on the projects, I thought that way your grasp most of the concepts before you actually try it on your own. When you start on your projects you will notice that you will reference all kinds of topics you’ve already covered from the learning. So that’s why I believe that they formatted it correctly but it’s really up to you.

You might check out something like codewars or some practical stuff like JavaScript30.

Thanks! That’s reassuring. Was starting to think I was doing something wrong

Will do! Thanks a lot!

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