Really need feedback on this as fast as possible

Would it be possible to grab all of the above when user is filling a survey, if not tell me wich of those wouldn’t be? And how hard would it be? Using REACT.

** next to question means I really need to know.

  1. Mouse location (X,Y) on a screen,
  2. Number of times a movement changed direction (Up to Down, Down to UP, Right to Left or Left to Write).
  3. The standard deviation rate of mouse movement for X and for Y from question start until selecting a choice.
  4. same as 2 but from selecting a choice until selecting confirm answer or moving to next question.
  5. Hover time over a choice.
  6. Hover time over a question.
  7. Pause time in a certain location on screen (Mouse not moving). Capture X,Y cordinate at that point
  8. Number of pauses before a selection is made. (Mouse not moving occurrences)
  9. Number of times a choice was changed.
  10. Number of times mouse hovers over an answer and leaves the answer location without selection.
  11. Time when starting to answer a question till a selection is made. (Response Time).
  12. time from selecting an answer until selecting confirm or move to next question.

If keyboard is used then:

  1. press time for each letter.
  2. time between each letter.
  3. backspace counter.
  4. time from start of typing till stop.
  5. pause time ( stopped typing then continued). **
  6. deleted all text counter.
  7. deleted partial text counter. **
  8. Highlighting text counter. **
  9. Percentage of highlighted text. **
  10. Paste command used counter. **
  11. returning to a previously answered question counter.
  12. changing a previously answered answer counter

Really appreciate all feedback!

What have you tried to do so far? Have you researched the topic and tried to apply things?

The only one I’m not sure of would be the highlighting text question, otherwise the answer to your question is, yes it is all information that can be gathered. It is, however, a very involved conversation. And frankly, if you’re having to ask if this is stuff that can be done, I suspect that doing so may be biting of considerably more than you can chew. Personally, were I to do something like this, I would make each form input far more self-aware. Each would be part of an object, and listening for its own events, tracking mouseover, mousemove and mouseout, keystrokes and timing – each form element would need its own history stack to track changes and a “future history” stack to handle undos… it is a pretty involved process.