Really struggling with the sticky nav bar

I’m trying to add a sticky nav bar to my portfolio page and I am having a tough time with it. I’ve searched for help and asked about it but for some reason every time I try the suggestions, the same following issues occur:

  • The nav bar goes all the way across the top of the page on the right, but cuts off within the browser view on the left.
  • When I scroll down, the nav bar goes behind my pictures and text.
  • Once I select the section of my page I want to go to and get taken there by the nav bar, I can’t move back anywhere else on the page and am stuck.

Any help or suggestions would be beyond appreciated!

Since you don’t currently have any navigation in your code it is hard to say what the problem is. However, I did not notice in your CSS that you have the following: .container-fluid { width: 1200px; }. I would highly recommend that you remove this and use the built-in Bootstrap class .container for a fixed-width container.