Received two Full stack developer job offers!

That’s awesome. I wish you all the best.

Congrats! I need to practice coding more often, specifically JavaScript. I am in university and this current semester, the web dev class I am taking is focused more on HTML and CSS. We are just now getting into JavaScript and jQuery with a little under a month left in the semester.

I am taking courses at Treehouse and Coursera. I good one, too, is JavaScript, Understanding the Weird Parts. It goes on sale regularly to $10 and that’s how I got it. Really good, in-depth JavaScript work.

Hope you land a job with either one and keep us posted.

Congrats Friend! Thanks @Ajinkya009 for sharing with us, wow good job for maintaining 2 full stack job!, what are the required skill for the jobs? What is the test? Are there any tips for applying for USA based company but I am from Indonesia? How is your portfolio, do you need to have an online website? thank you :smile:

Congratulation bro!!! well done.

Congratulations bro. that was inspiring :relaxed:

Congrats! Just wanna ask, did you use other resources than FCC as well? Like other courses, book… etc? Also, did you do all 3 certificates?

Congratulations! I’d like to hear how your 2 jobs work out for you.

congratulations bro ! that was inspiring for others like me who have just begun their journey with fcc

Wow, congrats on your job offers! Did you make any projects from FCC? If so, which were they?