Recently Finished my FCC Frontend, need feedback on my portfolio

I recently finish my FCC front end certificate. This is my portfolio website.

I’m getting a lot of feedback saying my website looks more for webdesigner or my projects are not job related.

What do you guys think?If u r looking for frontend developer ,would you consider me after reviewing my site ?

Thanks for any feedback. I’m currently learning react and hopefully I can put some projects in the short term

From one beginner to the next, try it without using Bootstrap.
Create your own grid (from reading and lessons - and of course borrowing from what you learned) and style it yourself.
Also, try to recreate the functionality of Bootstrap that you have with javascript. That’s how I approach things. I gives me a target to try to hit.

Everything I just recommended is exactly what I did this past week

But it does look nice. It’s clean and does what it’s supposed to. I’ve been getting some advice from someone here on at on improvements to my own portfolio.


thanks for the reply man.

Thanks for your advice.

I’ll keep on working on it.