Recipe box project feedbacks

Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished the recipe-box app built with creat-react-app. For this project, I opted out of using bootstrap, since I’m not very good at designing stuff, the design doesn’t look very nice. I would really appreciate if you guys can take a look at the project and give me feedback on the design as well as any bugs that you can find. Link to the project: recipe-box

First of all Good Job!
your recipe box looking great
,simple and Its Responsive.
Nice work
Keep It up :+1:

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hello @dkvo
i just finish my random joke machine project
check out here

any feedback or advice needed

Nice work, the site works great and also responsive. The choice of font and the background go together very well, making the site looks easy to on eyes.

Ok i will try to fix it

This looks nice I like the drop down GUI.

Hello @dkvo
check my forth FCC project
give me any advice or feedback