Reclaiming articles from Medium

So I once published several articles during the days when Freecodecamp was still part of Medium. After the break up, those articles were copied here. I know there’s a long discussion about the legality of such move but what I want to ask is how can I edit my articles here ? Presumably I have to tell FCC about it and I have filled the form described in this page We just launched Developer News. Here's how you can use it but so far no reply.
My concern is when the articles were copied, the new ones lost all the Gist code snippets. Anyone reading them will think that those articles are just junk.

Hi Martin,

Quincy is personally reaching out to all those who fill out the form. It is taking quite a bit of his time, but he will reach out to you to get you set up to edit your articles.

In the mean time, I can attempt to help edit the articles for you to add the gist links back. If you provide me with the Free Code Camp news url and the original Medium url, I will add the Medium gist links to the Free Code Camp news articles for you.

Also, if there are any code sections (non-Gist) which did not properly port over, I can fix those for you as well until you are given official access.


So here are the articles. Basically the problem is missing Gist and code section which is all over the place.

I appreciate your help. But in case you’re too busy I can wait until I get my access. I filled the form 2 weeks ago, do you know how much it takes until we get a response ?

Not 100% sure how long it has been taking Quincy.

It will need some time, he is reaching one by one the hundreds (I think it was 16 hundreds?) authors one by one. even giving only 20 mins per day to each of them…

@inmyth I believe I fixed everything. Please let me know if I missed something.

Thanks so much. I hope I didn’t waste your weekend over this. If possible this article needs to be put under #Java (not #NodeJs).

Thank you again for your help. I admire Quincy’s commitment but I think a better way should be to freeze the articles until the author acknowledges. In fact I had no idea that my articles were already online here, it was a coincidence I googled something related when I found them. Legality aside it’s better not to publish anything if it’s broken.

I made the Java tag the first one.

Looks good now. Thanks.