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Hello everyone. I’m a computer science freshman and I’ve just joined the community today. I want to earn money to as a freelancer to support my family but I don’t have any skills. So which field of software engineer should I choose to learn and earn money? Are there something that I can learn in from 3 - 6 months and earn money from it?

Hi @heeyoung !

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I think your best path is to just focus on school.
Focus on getting your degree and do internships during the summer.
Then focus on getting a job after your graduate.

I think your heart is in the right place but it takes a lot to build up a stable income as a freelancer in any industry.
Plus, there is more than building a successful career than just learning some skills.
You have to know how to market yourself, connect with clients, and build up a stable clientele to make a living off of it.

After 3-6 months, you can probably make a little money here and there but it won’t be nearly enough to support your family.

I think your best bet is to focus on school and do well so you can graduate and get into the industry.

Hope that helps!


thank you a lot for your reply

I remember my days when I was just starting out as a freelancer. I didn’t have the skills but was trying really hard to earn money as a freelancer to support my family. Well, to be honest there were many other side hustles that I was doing back then just to manage things financially, as it was not easy to earn that much money by just working as a freelancer alone as I was just a beginner & learning things at that time.

Lucky for you, nowadays there are so many websites & apps that pay you money for doing simple & easy tasks like submitting surveys, taking free trial offers, playing games etc, you can join some of these websites and earn money on the side which will eventually help you to get some extra cash for supporting you in your journey as a freelancer.

I wish you Good luck!

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