Recommendation letter for someone with no experience

I am looking for my first job as a web developer and there is someone who is willing to write a recommendation letter for me. That person has reviewed my code and has been a professional programmer for about 20 years. Obviously, he can’t say anything about my working experience. What do you think should be on such a letter? He could write something about my code but that is something anyone can see on GitHub, anyway. Personal qualities? Any help would be much appreciated.

I think it is a good idea to come up with a shortlist of people who can write a recommendation letter for you. It can be alumni you knew from years ago. Then write a draft of the recommendation letter beforehand, and try to reach out to them.

You may benefit from this article here:

Maybe those people don’t remember you initially. But if you discuss the issue at the right time, someone would help.

Even if they don’t, you can make a connection in the process of getting a recommendation letter from an acquaintance and ask for assistance from those people instead.

Just getting out there and trying this in person can be a better approach. Good luck.

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