Recommendations for Great 2022 Events

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to get some advice from the community - hope this forum is okay to post in. I’m currently a platform engineer and want to move into a more software development focused role and then into app sec in a few years. As part of my career dev plan, my manager approved me to attend 2 conferences this year, so long as 1 is developer/app dev focused and 1 is app sec focused.

Are there any conferences that you’d recommend from your experience?

Let’s start a conversation :slight_smile:


I would think people might need to know more about the software stack and anything else domain-specific. It might also be useful to know your general location I’m guessing.

Thanks… 100% AWS -based EKS platform running Ruby and Node.js. General location is USA. I also use Python, C++, .NET and Go on varies components. Really looking for non-language specific conferences.

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