Recommendations for Scrum and Agile courses


I’m interested in following a Scrum > Agile pathway.

Does anyone know the best courses and most widely accepted certifications?


The one that is paid for by the company you’re currently working for so that you can selectively apply the methods within the context of the organisational structure you work in. I’d be be highly sceptical of anywhere that uses agile as a noun (with a capital A) rather than an adjective (with a lowercase a).

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You can start learning about Scrum for free. Start here:

1- Agile Manifesto dot org [ 4 values and 12 principles ]
2- ScrumGuides dot org [ Scrum Framework ]
3- The New New Product Development Game [ HBR Article by Takeuchi and Nonaka ]
4- Cynefin Framework [ David Snowden ]
5- Scrum Master as a Servant Leader
6- Scrum Master as a Coach

Scrum Alliance certificates are most widely accepted due to the high quality of trainers and the biggest brand that Scrum Alliance carries. Just look for a branded trainer that limits her/her class strength to 20-25.


Getting a Scrum Master certification takes @ $1k for 2 day class & an online test. The takeaway is a general understanding of the Scrum framework and how it allows teams to collaborate and iterate. This is the beginning of the journey and signals that you value continuous learning. ScrumAlliance is a good place to find training.
Kanban is another framework worth learning. Good luck!

Pluralsight have a set of courses on Scrum. I doubt it’s worth paying any more. It’s the kind of knowledge you pick up on the job anyway.